AI giants clash over stolen data

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The tech industry has seen its fair share of data stealing and scraping incidents, but this time, it's not the usual tale of individuals or artists going after tech giants.

It's a showdown between two major AI players: Midjourney and Stability AI.

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 👊 Two major AI companies go head to head!

  • 🖼️ Microsoft introduces measures to solve its image problem!

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👊 Two Major AI Companies Go Head To Head!

We recently told you about the Google engineer who was caught stealing confidential data while secretly working for Chinese companies.

And now, Midjourney is accusing Stability AI of attempting to scrape their data!

According to a Midjourney user, Nick St. Pierre, who gave the full gist on X, Midjourney’s service was down for almost a day because someone was trying to grab all the prompt and image pairs in the middle of the night on a Saturday.

And get this — that someone is from the Stability AI data team with multiple paid accounts.

Midhourney has now banned all Stability AI staffers from using their services indefinitely and introduced a new policy to ban employees of any company that engages in “aggressive automation” or causes outages.

Meanwhile, Stability AI's CEO, Emad Mostaque, has denied ordering such actions and promised to investigate the situation internally.

However, if he does find something, do you think he'll really speak up, as this could lead to a messy lawsuit and maybe some hefty fines?

You should read the whole story here.

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🖼️ Microsoft Introduces Measures to Solve its Image Problem!

Microsoft is making some serious changes to its Copilot image generation tool after one of its staff AI engineers raised alarming concerns!

Here’s what happened:

Shane Jones, the AI engineering lead at Microsoft, discovered that the tool was generating inappropriate images, such as sexualized images of women in violent tableaus, teenagers with assault rifles, underage drinking, drug use, etc.

He reported all of this internally, but Microsoft did not take the product off the market. He even posted an open letter on LinkedIn, and Microsoft’s legal department asked him to remove his post immediately.

So, he did the next best thing: He wrote letters to U.S. senators, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Microsoft’s board of directors about the matter.

Well, the good news is that Microsoft is finally doing something about it!

They’ve blocked prompts like “pro choice,” “pro choce” [sic], “pro-life.” and “four twenty,” and added a warning about multiple policy violations leading to suspension from the tool.

Copilot will also refuse requests to generate images of teenagers or kids playing assassins with assault rifles – a significant change from before!

However, there is still more work to be done aside from blocking certain prompts!

The system creates images that infringe on copyright, such as Elsa from “Frozen,” holding the Palestinian flag in front of wrecked buildings purportedly in the Gaza Strip.

Plus, the terms “car accident” or “Automobile accident” still create violent or sexualized images of women in violent scenes, sometimes wearing a corset or waist trainer or sitting atop beat-up cars.

But Microsoft’s on it; or at least we hope they are!✌️

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