Apple and Meta partnership in the works

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Apple opened its doors to OpenAI and brought ChatGPT into its operating systems not too long ago, but Meta may be coming in as well!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 🤯 Apple and Meta Partnership in the Works!

  • 💃 Google Delivers More AI Features To Gmail!

  • 📧 5 Great AI e-mail generators for personal and professional use.

  • 📲 Step-by-step guide to setting Microsoft Copilot as the default assistant on your Android phone.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Draft a promotional or Reminder SMS.

 🤯 Apple and Meta Partnership in the Works!

Word on the AI street is that Apple and Meta are discussing a partnership to see Meta’s AI capabilities integrated into Apple Intelligence.

Here’s the lowdown:

The rumored deal will allow Meta to sell premium subscriptions to their services through Apple’s massive distribution network, while Apple will receive a cut of subscription revenue.

Surprising, right? Especially given the past tension between the two giants!

Meta openly claimed that Apple’s 2021 privacy changes cost them $10 billion in revenue not too long ago.

And let's not forget the reports about Meta advising advertisers to bypass Apple's fees for boosted posts.

But we guess that’s all water under the bridge now!🤷‍♀️

Apple isn't stopping with Meta They’re also working with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google, Anthropic, and Perplexity to boost their AI offerings.

However, don’t you wonder if Apple’s collaboration spree is a stroke of tactical genius or a sign of total surrender?

Learn more here!

💃 Google Delivers More AI Features To Gmail!

Google has started rolling out the much-anticipated new AI features promised at their last I/O conference.

And guess what? They began in Gmail!

They’re introducing a new Gemini side panel on the web that can summarize email threads and even draft new emails for you.

The tool will also offer “proactive prompts” and allow you to ask “freeform questions.”

Plus, it’s built to leverage Google’s most capable models, like Gemini 1.5 Pro, which means you’ll get the best helping hands!

And dont worry; you can also use Gemini to summarize threads on Gmail mobile apps.

But the catch is that these new features will only be available to paid Gemini users!

So, to join the fun, you’ll need to be a Google Workspace customer with a Gemini Business or Enterprise add-on, a Gemini Education or Education Premium add-on, or a Google One AI Premium subscriber.

That’s not too much to ask for all those benefits, right?

If you happen to be subscribed to any of the tiers mentioned above, then here’s a tip for you:

Always double-check any important email Gemini helps with before you send it, especially if it's work-related!

You can find out more here!

🧱 Around The AI Block

  • 📧 5 Great AI e-mail generators for personal and professional use.

  • 📲 Step-by-step guide to setting Microsoft Copilot as the default assistant on your Android phone.

  • 🧑‍💼 Stability AI has a new CEO.

  • 🤑 OpenAI buys another remote collaboration platform.

  • 🤖 Shopify’s AI ‘Sidekick’ chatbot for merchants is now in early access.

  • 😩 Power-hungry AI boom is making power grids dirtier and less reliable.

  • FeedHive: Create, schedule, publish, and easily manage your social media content at scale.

  • Hoppy copy: Write better email campaigns 10x faster.

  • Freepik: Create high-quality photos, videos, vectors, PSD, AI images, and icons faster.

  • Superhuman: A productivity-boosting email platform that helps teams work faster and more efficiently, now two months free.

  • Tidalflow: A personalized fitness program that gets real results directly in WhatsApp.

🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Draft a promotional or Reminder SMS.

Crafting an excellent promotional or reminder SMS is essential!

It can help you grab your customers’ attention, convey information effectively, and prompt immediate engagement, leading to increased conversions.

Here's a prompt that can help you with that.

“Hey, can you help me craft a promotional SMS to send to my customers? I’m looking to increase sales this weekend.”


“I need your assistance in drafting a reminder SMS to send to my clients about their upcoming appointment.”

We've Compiled a List of Over 100 ChatGPT Power Prompts.

This should help streamline your interactions with ChatGPT and get the results you need more efficiently.

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