Apple's surprising stance on AI!

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Here’s what we got for you today:

  • 😲 Apple's surprising stance on AI!

  • 🤯 Zoom's AI summarizes missed meetings!

  • 😡 AI Backlash: CNET Fixes 70+ Articles.

😲 Apple's Surprising Stance On AI

AI is the latest thing on the lips of everyone!

Well, everyone except “Apple”. 😄

The company has long been institutionally wary of AI. Instead, they're focusing more on the functionality that AI provides.

For context, At Google’s I/O conference in May, every presenter who went up stage mentioned the word AI at least once.

Watching WWDC, though, there was not a single mention of the word, not even once!

As Tim Cook put it in an interview with Good Morning America, “We do integrate it into our products [but] people don’t necessarily think about it as AI.”

Anyway, here are a few of the machine learning-powered features mentioned at this year’s WWDC:

  • Better autocorrect in iOS 17 “powered by on-device machine learning”.

  • A personalized volume feature for AirPods that “uses machine learning to understand environmental conditions and listening preferences”.

  • An improved Smart Stack on watchOS that “uses machine learning to show you relevant information right when you need it”.

  • A new iPad lock screen that animates live photos using “machine learning models to synthesize additional frames”.

  • “Intelligently curated” prompts in the new Journal app using “on-device machine learning” and

  • 3D avatars for video calls on the Vision Pro generated using “advanced ML techniques”

If you haven't watched the interview between GMA and Tim Cook, you should. Tim Cook gave his take on the future of modern technology (and as you may have guessed, it includes AI).

🤯 Zoom's AI summarizes missed meetings!

Zoom can now let you generate summaries of meetings and send them to all users without recording the meetings.

In addition to summarized meetings, Zoom now allows users to compose messages in Team Chat using AI.

The AI can generate messages based on the context of a chat thread, and users can customize the tone and length of the message before sending it.

And here's the best part:

These new features are available as a free trial to subscribers of “select” Zoom plans.

  • Zoom One (Enterprise Plus, Enterprise, Business Plus, Business, Pro).

  • Zoom legacy bundles (Enterprise Named Host, Enterprise Active Host, Zoom Meetings Enterprise, Zoom Meetings Business, Zoom Meetings Pro).

So, don't miss out on the fun — jump on the free trial before it starts making a dent in your wallet. 😄

😡 AI Backlash: CNET Updates its AI Policies

CNET is finally letting us know what they will and will not do with AI technology.

Some months ago, it was revealed that CNET was quietly using generative AI systems to produce articles.

And of course, people weren't exactly thrilled about it. 😡

Not entirely because they were using AI, but because some of those articles contained factual errors and plagiarized materials.

The updated articles now include an editor's note acknowledging the use of AI and the substantial revisions made by a staff writer.

  • Stories will not be entirely written by AI, humans will also conduct hands-on reviews and testing of products.

  • CNET will not publish images and videos generated by AI, as of now.

  • CNET will explore using AI tools to analyze data, create story outlines, analyze existing text, and generate explanatory content.

So, rest easy, folks. CNET is back on track with a human touch and a dash of AI assistance.🤖😄

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