The battle for AI supremacy!

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  •  🤼 Battle for AI Chatbot Supremacy!

  • 🚀 Take your business to the next level with Adobe’s Firefly.

  • 👋 Say hello to AI-generated Stickers on Meta!

🤼 Battle for AI Chatbot Supremacy!

China's internet sector is going all-in on AI Technology!

And it’s all driven by the desire to dominate the lucrative domestic market in the absence of ChatGPT and other Western counterparts like Google's Bard in China.

Now, ByteDance Ltd., the company behind TikTok, is reportedly testing an AI-powered chatbot called "Grace" among its employees.

ByteDance isn't new to the AI game.

The Chinese company, which also runs domestic video service Douyin, has been developing smartphone apps based on AI algorithmic recommendations ever since computer whizzes Zhang Yiming and Liang Rubo founded the outfit more than a decade ago.

Meanwhile, TikTok is also experimenting with a chatbot called Tako, which is currently available as an instant messenger within the TikTok platform that allows users to ask questions.

So, who will win this epic chatbot showdown in China? 🤷

 🚀 Take Your Business to the Next Level with Adobe’s Firefly.

Adobe has introduced Adobe Firefly for Enterprise, a platform that leverages its generative AI model to help organizations meet the increasing demand for content creation in the workplace.

It enables all employees, regardless of their creative skills, to generate images or copy from text-based descriptions for use in marketing campaigns, social media promotions, presentations, and more.

Businesses can train the AI model with their own branded assets to ensure a consistent brand style.

Pricing details for “Firefly for Enterprise” have not been disclosed yet. However, they've assured us that brands can purchase licenses for their employees at a flat price that is tailored to their organization's specific needs and size.

So, no matter how big or small your team is, there's a Firefly license that's just right for you. 😃

Release dates have not been disclosed yet — only that it will launch sometime after Firefly comes out of beta.

Until then, get ready to soar to new creative heights with Adobe Firefly!

👋 Say Hello to AI-Generated Stickers on Meta!

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Meta is introducing AI-generated stickers to its Messenger app!

Users will now be able to create stickers based on text prompts using Meta's image generation model.

The feature will first be tested internally before being made available to the public.

So, we’ll have to wait a little before we start stickers wars with our friends and family. 😀

This new feature is part of a slew of related features Meta is working on for its social apps.

Meta is working on AI models that will offer various image transformation capabilities, such as changing aspect ratios or turning photos into paintings.

So get ready to let your creative juices flow, my friends!

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