Elon Musk vs. Apple

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Elon Musk is not happy with Apple's decision to put ChatGPT in Siri, so he’s threatening to ban all Apple devices from his companies and store visitors' devices in a Faraday cage!

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  • 👊 Elon Musk vs. Apple's ChatGPT Integration!

  • 🍕 Google AI “Glue on Pizza” Blunder continues!

  • 📑 A beginner's guide to Copilot Plugins.

  • 💼 5 steps to use ChatGPT to craft the perfect resume.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Write a Full Blog Post.

 👊 Elon Musk vs. Apple's ChatGPT Integration!

Apple recently announced an OpenAI integration that allows Siri to consult ChatGPT for better answers to your questions, but only if you give it permission to do so!

However, Musk is not pleased with the idea.

Musk insists on keeping ChatGPT confined to a separate app for privacy reasons. In his words:

“Apple using the words ‘protect your privacy’ while handing your data over to a third-party AI that they don’t understand and can’t themselves create is not protecting privacy at all!”

He even replied to a post by Apple CEO Tim Cook, telling him to “stop this creepy spyware,” or else Apple devices would be banned from his companies.

Plus, a whole lot more; check it out here!

It makes you wonder, though, if users could set their own preferred AI bot as the go-to for Siri requests, like Anthropic’s Claude or, say, xAI’s Grok.

Would Musk be yelling this loudly about the dangers of such an integration?

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 🍕 Google AI “Glue on Pizza” Blunder continues!

Remember when Google’s AI search results told us to put glue on our pizza, and we all had a good laugh?

Google tried to explain it away by blaming people with "generally very uncommon queries”, before promising to work on it.

But guess what?

Weeks have passed, and Google's AI still insists that glue belongs on pizza!

In fact, things may have gotten worse — Google’s AI can no longer answer questions about its own products.

When asked how to enable screenshots in Chrome’s Incognito mode, the AI gave two answers that were both wrong. Hard to believe right?

But be rest assured that this “Glue on Pizza” issue only happens with Google’s AI.

Perplexity AI strongly advises against putting any glue on pizza and even explains how the “glue on pizza” meme originated.

And ChatGPT also didn’t recommend glue on pizza!

So, what’s going on with Google’s AI? They clearly need to head back to the lab and figure this out before it gets out of hand.

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