Google's Gemini AI coming to iPhones?

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Apple and Google are considering a partnership to use Gemini AI for iPhone features. Will it be a match made in heaven?

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 📲 Apple eyes Google's AI for iPhone features!

  • 📸 YouTube unveils guide for labeling AI-generated content!

  • ✍️ 8 ways to create AI-proof writing prompts.

  • 5 ChatGPT prompts to master the art Of delegation

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Identify risk management strategies.

📲 Apple Eyes Google's AI for iPhone Features!

Apple is reportedly eyeing a partnership with Google to use Gemini AI for upcoming iPhone features. Can you believe it?

If this partnership goes ahead, it could mean big things for the iPhone's capabilities, especially in generative AI for tasks such as image creation and writing.

It would also cement Google's position as Apple's preferred search engine provider for the Safari browser on iPhones.

However, this move might come as a surprise since Google's Gemini has had a few hiccups lately.

For example, the company had to pause its image-generation feature last month after the model created images with historical inaccuracies.

And just last week, they announced that they’re blocking election-related queries on Gemini worldwide, but guess what? You can still bypass those restrictions by introducing typos to some queries. Yikes!

Despite all that, Google remains a top player in the smartphone market, launching smartphone-related features on the Samsung Galaxy S24 devices and its own Pixel devices.

So, maybe Google is just the right fit for Apple!

The details of the partnership are still under wraps, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it becomes a reality soon.🤞

📸 YouTube Unveils Guide for Labeling AI-Generated Content!

Remember YouTube’s AI-generated content policy, which required creators to disclose when AI-generated materials are used in content but didn’t exactly say how to do it?

They have now announced a way to do just that!

Creators will spot a checkbox when posting or uploading, which they can click on to disclose any "altered or synthetic" content that looks realistic.

This includes using deepfake voices to have a real person narrate a video or altering footage of real events and places, etc.

But you’ll be happy to know that disclosure is not required for beauty filters, special effects like background blur, and “clearly unrealistic content” like animation.

One very important thing you should know is that YouTube majorly relies on the ‘honor system’, just like every other company that’s introduced AI content labels.

This means they can only hope creators are honest about what's in their videos since it’ll be tough for them to identify all AI-generated content on their own.

However, YouTube says that they might occasionally step in to add AI disclosure to videos even if the uploader hasn’t done so themselves, especially if it could confuse or mislead viewers.

If you do end up being deepfaked on YouTube, you’re in for a long ride — the only thing you can do right now is fill out a privacy request form for the company to review and hope for the best.

That’s because there has been no update about this process, only that they’re “continuing to work towards an updated privacy process.”

Learn more about this here!

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🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Identify risk management strategies

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By identifying and addressing risks early on, you can reduce the severity of negative consequences.

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