Meta's new label for AI photos

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Imagine AI taking the credit for all your hard work—that’s what many photographers had to deal with because of Meta’s “Made with AI” label, but good news: a new update is here!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 🏷️ Meta's New Label for AI Photos!

  • 👏 Anthropic launches program to set new AI benchmarks!

  • 📲 Free ChatGPT apps you’ll find useful.

  • 🤑 How to use Copilot to save money on grocery costs.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Cover letter tailored to your profession

🏷️ Meta's New Label for AI Photos!

Last week, many photographers complained that Meta was slapping its “Made by AI” label on their real photos.

Even a photo that former White House photographer Pete Souza took of a basketball game was marked as AI-generated.


It turns out that using generative AI tools like Adobe Photoshop to edit an image was setting off Meta’s algorithm.

But a fix is here — Meta is updating the "Made with AI" label to "AI Info" across its apps!

Now, when you click on the new "AI Info" tag, it'll give you a breakdown of why it was applied, letting you know if the image is entirely AI-generated or simply edited with AI tools.

The new labeling will roll out first on mobile apps and then on the web, and hopefully, everything will go smoothly this time!

Check out the full story here!

👏 Anthropic Launches Program to Set New AI Benchmarks!

Anthropic is on a mission to prove its AI models are the best, and to do so, it’s launching a new program to encourage researchers who can develop better AI benchmarks.

They’re pushing for benchmarks that can assess AI’s societal impact, security risks, and capabilities, such as multi-language communication, bias mitigation, etc.

Why is this important?

Current AI benchmarks often miss the mark when evaluating potential risks and how people actually use AI in their daily lives.

However, if the AI research community is more focused, then there will be better AI benchmarks, or so says Anthropic.

To kickstart this, Anthropic has hired a full-time program coordinator.

It will also support researchers with grants and expert consultations and is open to investing in or even acquiring promising projects.

While it's tempting to praise this ambitious initiative, we must also exercise caution; after all, AI companies use these tests to assert their superiority.

An additional twist is Anthropic's requirement that benchmarks conform to their AI safety standards.

This could potentially pressure researchers to accept definitions that do not align with their own.

Be sure to dig into all the details here, including how to submit a proposal!

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