Microsoft Copilot just got better!

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Hello and welcome to the Automated, your AI tour guide.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Copilot is about to get a whole lot better!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 🤩 Microsoft’s Windows 11 Copilot has become smarter and more helpful!

  • 💼 How Generative AI upskilling can help future-proof your company

  • 📌 Where to go next with AI business communication services in 2024

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Create an outline for a blog post

🤩 Microsoft’s Windows 11 Copilot Has Become Smarter And More Helpful!

If you’re a Windows 11 user, I've got some exciting news for you!

Microsoft is adding a new set of features to Copilot that'll make it even better at helping you perform everyday tasks on your desktop.

It'll be able to:

  • Booking restaurant reservations (through OpenTable)

  • Turn your battery saver on and off

  • Make travel reservations (through Kayak)

  • Show device, system, and battery information

  • Launch live captions and the text-to-speech Narrator

  • and empty your recycle bin.

Microsoft is also integrating more AI features into its existing Windows apps.

For example, the Photos app will now have a generative erase feature, similar to what Google has in Google Photos.

Meanwhile, the Clipchamp video editor will be able to remove silence from your videos automatically.

We know that these tasks may seem small, but they are indicative of a future where Copilot can automatically handle more complex tasks on your PC. So, we're excited to see this progress.

These features will be rolling out in late March, so get ready to experience a new level of efficiency and convenience on your Windows 11 PC!

What you need for better GenAI applications

Learn more from Pinecone Research on how Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) using Pinecone serverless increases relevant answers from GPT-4 by 50%.

- The larger the search data, the more “faithful” the results.

- RAG with massive on-demand data outperforms GPT-4 (without RAG) by 50%, even with the data it was explicitly trained on.

- RAG, with a lot of data, ensures state of the art performance no matter the LLM you choose, encouraging the use of different LLMs (e.g., open-source or private LLMs).

🧱 Around The AI Block

  • Write educational and promotional emails in seconds.

  • Product Buying Guides: Find comprehensive guides for various products or create new guides on-demand, all without the interruption of ads or popups.

  • MarbleFlows: AI-generated forms to convert more leads.

  • Krisp: Removes background noise & echo from meetings.

🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Create an outline for a blog post

An outline helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in a logical sequence.

It allows you to structure your content in a way that makes sense, ensuring a smooth flow from one point to the next.

Here’s a ChatGPT prompt that‘ll help with that.

Create an outline for a blog post about <topic>. The outline should include a series of subheadings that will serve as the main sections of your post, as well as a starting sentence for each section. Aim to create a logical and coherent flow throughout your post by organizing your ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely.

We've Compiled a List of Over 100 ChatGPT Power Prompts.

This should help streamline your interactions with ChatGPT and get the results you need more efficiently.

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