How OpenAI influence shaped EU's AI Act

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When Sam Altman (the CEO of OpenAI) transitioned from expressing concerns about OpenAI potentially exiting Europe due to unfavourable regulations to asserting unequivocally that the company has no intentions of leaving the continent.

One could have suspected something was brewing underneath.

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • 📖 OpenAI's influence shapes EU's AI Act!

  • 📸 Boost your video production with Vimeo’s latest AI tools.

  • 🆕 Introducing Opera One: the AI-powered browser.

  • 🧱 Around The AI Block: Opensource may yet eat Google and OpenAI’s AI Lunch.

📖 OpenAI's Influence Shapes EU's AI Act!

OpenAI’s lobbying efforts seem to have influenced the final version of the EU’s AI Act.

OpenAI pushed for general-purpose AI systems like GPT-3 and Dall-E not to be classified as "high risk" under the Act, as that would impose stricter regulations.

Instead, it states that providers of “foundation models,” or powerful AI systems trained on large quantities of data, are required to comply with a smaller handful of requirements.

These requirements include preventing the generation of illegal content, disclosing whether a system was trained on copyrighted material, and carrying out risk assessments.

It definitely looks like OpenAI’s lobbying efforts were a success! 😃

But guess what?

These lobbying efforts by OpenAI in Europe have not previously been reported.😲

But now, there’s a published paper called “OpenAI White Paper on the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act”.

It details OpenAI’s engagements (and recommendations) to European officials on AI regulation.

📸 Boost Your Video Production with Vimeo’s Latest AI Tools.

Vimeo is rolling out three exciting AI-powered features for its paying users.

  • A script generator that generates scripts “based on a brief description and key inputs like tone and length.”

  • A teleprompter which has no real AI component, but lets users adjust timing and font size.

  • A text-based video editor which automatically identifies “filler words, long pauses, and awkward moments,” and lets users remove them with a single click.

With these new features, the company guarantees that users can easily create highlight reels, virtual events or company meetings, and generate quote clips for concise marketing videos within a matter of minutes.

Vimeo's Chief Product Officer, Ashraf Alkarmi has stated that the script generator is powered by OpenAI but did not specify the model used (ChatGPT or GPT-3, etc).

While the script generator hasn’t been tested yet, it has the potential to save time for users but alas, there are concerns regarding its accuracy (here’s why).

The tools will be available sometime in July to users paying for Vimeo’s “standard plan” and up (with prices starting at $20 a month).

Vimeo released a demo to give us a taste of what to expect.

🆕 Introducing Opera One: the AI-Powered Browser.

Opera browser has a new update and it's described as the first truly native AI browser.

It's called Opera One

It enhances web search and offers assistance in various tasks such as generating text/code, answering product queries, etc.

There’s the Tab Islands, which group related tabs together based on context, allowing users to move, collapse, save, or bookmark them for later use.

Mac users of Opera One can use a command/keyboard shortcut to ask questions and either interact with the browser AI's response immediately in the sidebar or go back to browsing.

The browser is out, you can try it out, we're kin to know what you think.

🧱 Around The Block: OpenSource May Yet Eat Google and OpenAI’s AI Lunch.

  • 🚀 AI Launch: Opensource may yet eat Google and OpenAI’s AI Lunch.

  • 🤖 AI Chrome Extensions: 10 Best AI Chrome Extensions for Developers.

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