Reddit's new update to stop data theft

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Reddit has had enough of automated bots stealing its data for commercial use, so it has decided to make a major update to end this practice once and for all!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 🚫 Reddit Tightens Grip on Data Access!

  • 🥳 Figma Unveils Exciting New Features!

  • 🤩 How Copilot can change the way you use Outlook forever.

  • 👉 How to access Llama 3-powered Meta AI on any web browser.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Find the next product to market.

 🚫 Reddit Tightens Grip on Data Access!

Reddit is taking more action to prevent automated bots from swooping in and using its data for AI training and commercial purposes.

If anyone wants to use their content, they have to strike a licensing deal, just like Google and OpenAI did.

This was already the company’s policy, but they plan to enforce it more seriously now!

In the coming weeks, the company will update its robots.txt file to give high-level instructions on how Reddit can or cannot be crawled by third parties.

But that’s not all!

They will also continue rate-limiting and/or blocking unknown bots and crawlers from accessing

But don’t worry, these updates won’t affect most users, like researchers and organizations that use Reddit’s content for non-commercial purposes.

All this is just Reddit’s way of saying, "Hey, not everyone can access our data freely!

And honestly, it’s not so shocking, especially since a Wired investigation just revealed that AI-powered search startup Perplexity has been stealing and scraping content.

But do you think this new update will be enough to stop data theft?🤔

Read the full story here to form your opinion!

🥳 Figma Unveils Exciting New Features!

Figma just announced many new features, and trust me; they will make designers or anyone with a design project very happy!

Let’s dive into them:

Thanks to a Major UI Redesign, Figma has a new look with a refreshed toolbar, rounded corners, and 200 new icons.

But dont worry; Figma says the new look makes it easier for beginners and more efficient for experts.

It’s already rolling out to users, so make sure to give it a spin!

They’re also introducing new AI tools to help you jumpstart your design process with simple prompts.

For example, you can type in a prompt to create an app design for a new restaurant or a recipe page, and voila!

Figma will give you one with menu listings, a tab bar, and even buttons for delivery partners like Uber Eats and DoorDash.

This all happens in seconds, and you can start tweaking it right away to meet your needs. How cool is that?

But wait, there’s more!

You can say goodbye to hacking Figma for presentations because they now have Figma Slides!

With it, you can create and share slides right inside Figma and make real-time adjustments using Figma’s tools. (You can try it here)

Plus, a whole lot more — check them out here!

Figma’s AI tools and Slides will be available in open beta for free but will become paid features when it officially launches.

So, make good use of this time!

🧱 Around The AI Block

  • Anydo: Easily manage your personal tasks, family projects, and

    team’s work all in one place.

  • Capture: An all-in-one suite that provides content provenance, copyright protection, and monetization for digital media.

  • Wordtune: This helps you find many wording alternatives to improve your text.

  • Anyword: An AI writing platform for enterprise marketing teams.

  • LTX Studio: Bring your exact vision to life through captivating and dynamic visuals.

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