TikTok’s AI tool disaster

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Just last week, TikTok introduced its new AI digital avatar tool, which is meant to help businesses create ads with AI-generated avatars of paid actors, but they’ve suffered a major slip-up!

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  • 😱 TikTok’s AI tool disaster!

  • 🤩 New YouTube AI Update!

  • 📱 How to use Microsoft Copilot on your iPhone.

  •  🤳How you can Install the new Siri 2.0 on Your iPhone.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Know the online courses or certifications you need.

 😱 TikTok’s AI Tool Disaster!

TikTok accidentally posted a link to an internal version of its new AI digital avatar tool without the usual safeguards.

And what followed after was pure disaster!

CNN was the first to catch the mistake and managed to create videos containing quotes from Hitler and a message telling people to drink bleach, among other phrases.

But here’s the worst part:

None of the videos CNN produced had a watermark to show they were AI-generated, which is something the proper version of TikTok’s Symphony Digital Avatars does.

Imagine they had posted on TikTok to millions of people—pure chaos!

However, if they had done that, TikTok spokesperson Laura Perez says the content “would have been rejected for violating our policies.”

TikTok has now resolved the “technical error” and removed the faulty version!

But we can't help but wonder if people will find other ways to misuse the tool and if TikTok will be ready for it.🤷‍♀️

Read the full story here.

🤩 New YouTube AI Update!

Last November, YouTube promised to introduce responsible AI innovation to protect users from misinformation and deepfakes.

They’ve finally made good on that promise!

You can now use the Privacy Complaint Process to request that an AI-generated video or any content that imitates your face or voice be removed.

Here’s how to go about it:

Just fill out a form to highlight your issue, share evidence of the privacy violation, and share the uploader's details.

Once a complaint is submitted, YouTube will manually review it; if it is found to be legitimate, the video will be deleted.

But here's the catch: the form is quite lengthy!

You'll need to read six pages to determine if your privacy has been violated and if you've explored other options before contacting YouTube.

Curious to find out more? Check it out here.

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