How to use chatGPT for spreadsheets!

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If you're the kind of person who always works in spreadsheets and wants something to help simplify your work, then you definitely need these ChatGPT hacks!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 💪 How to Master Microsoft Excel Using ChatGPT!

  • 🎮 Neuralink patient plays video games with his mind!

  • 📌 Official ChatGPT prompt engineering guide from OpenAI.

  • 🖼️ How to create AI images 30 times faster.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Co-branding on Facebook or Instagram.

💪 How to Master Microsoft Excel Using ChatGPT!

Working with spreadsheets, whether on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, can be a difficult task, but what if we told you that ChatGPT can help you out in just a few seconds?

The trick is to give ChatGPT very clear instructions, just like you’re talking to a child, to avoid any mix-ups that could lead to inaccurate results.

But once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how much time and effort you’ll save!

You can even upload your spreadsheet and ask ChatGPT to do things for you, or, better yet, you can integrate ChatGPT right into your Microsoft Excel with plugins like ChatGPT for Excel.

However, if you have a Copilot Pro subscription and Microsoft 365, you'll enjoy Copilot in Excel for free!

There are many creative ways to use ChatGPT for your spreadsheets; check them out here!

🎮 Neuralink Patient Plays Video Games With His Mind!

Nueralink, the AI brain-chip company owned by Elon Musk, just achieved something amazing!

Their first patient, Noland Arbaugh (who is paralyzed from the neck down), can now play Mario Kart with his mind, thanks to the brain-computer implant.

A new video shows him directing his racer not just to turn but also on how far to turn and even shooting another player down. That’s pretty impressive control, right?

Arbaugh has done other impressive things with the Neuralink implant, such as playing the strategy video game Civilization VI, controlling his laptop cursor, playing chess, and controlling music — all with his mind!

This new milestone couldn’t have come at a better time for Neuralink, as there have been negative reports of lab experiments on monkeys and investor concerns.

Check out the full story here to get all the deets.

🧱 Around The AI Block

  • Riffusion: Create music from text with styles, instruments, modifiers, and genres.

  • Papercup: Automate dubbing with AI in multiple languages.

  • MarketingBlocks AI: ‘Human-like’ all-in-one AI marketing assistant.

  • Profile Picture AI: Create the perfect profile picture using AI.

  • Beducated: Conversational chatbot that offers information and advice on sex and relationships.

🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Co-branding on Facebook or Instagram.

Co-branding on Facebook or Instagram is essential as it allows businesses to leverage each other's audience and credibility.

It results in increased brand exposure, customer engagement, and trust.

Check out this ChatGPT prompt to help you with that.

 As a marketing manager at [company], you’ve been tasked with running a co-branded campaign on Instagram for [product]. Your partner is [influencer name], who has a large following in your target demographic. How would you plan and execute this campaign to maximize reach, engagement, and sales? What are some potential challenges you might face and how would you address them? What metrics would you use to measure the success of the campaign?

We've Compiled a List of Over 100 ChatGPT Power Prompts.

This should help streamline your interactions with ChatGPT and get the results you need more efficiently.

Best of all, It's free! Click here to get it now.

That's all we've got for you today.

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