Claude v Gemini: which is right for you?

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We all know ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini as the current kings of the AI space.

But Anthropic's new LLM, "Claude 3 Opus," might just be a major competitor, and it costs the same as Google’s Gemini Advanced!

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • 👊 Claude 3 Opus vs. Gemini Advanced: Which one is better?

  • 💼 Stability AI's CEO Emad Mostaque Resigns!

  • 🤯 This ChatGPT prompt hack Changes EVERYTHING!

  • 🖼️ 5 best AI image generators.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Make Killer Adverts With ChatGPT.

👊 Claude 3 Opus vs. Gemini Advanced: Which one is Better?

Anthropic's new LLM, "Claude 3 Opus," offers you almost everything Google’s Gemini Advanced offers plus a little more for the same price: a $20 monthly subscription.

So, the question now is, which one should you go for?

Gemini Advanced is more accessible since it’s available worldwide and has a mobile app, unlike Claude, which requires you to use a VPN in certain areas, like Europe.

However, once you've signed up and paid for Claude 3, you won't need the VPN anymore, and then it stands toe-to-toe with Gemini Advanced!

Claude offers similar text generation speeds and even the ability to analyze up to 5 files at a time, which Gemini cannot currently do.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have plugins and a code interpreter yet.

You’ll also have to do some things manually, like copying documents, whereas Gemini Advanced seamlessly links with your Google Suite apps like Docs and Sheets (or will be able to do so in the future).

Our advice?

If you can do without integrations and plugins, Claude 3 Opus is your go-to. But if you can’t, Gemini Advanced is the way to go.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but before you decide, you should definitely learn more about them here.

PS: As a bonus, if you're curious about the differences between Claude 3 Opus and ChatGPT Plus, you can find out here!

💼 Stability AI's CEO Emad Mostaque Resigns!

Last week, we told you about Mustafa Suleyman (co-founder of Google DeepMind), who left his position as CEO of Inflection AI to join Microsoft along with some key Inflection AI employees.

And now, Emad Mostaque is leaving Stability AI!

He’s stepping down as CEO of Stability AI and from his position on the Board of Directors of the company to pursue decentralized AI.

“Not going to beat centralized AI with more centralized AI,”... It is now time to ensure AI remains open and decentralized,”

Mostaque’s resignation is coming just a few days after Forbes reported that Stability AI was in trouble after other key developers resigned.

It’s definitely a challenging time for the company, but they’re still forging ahead.

They’ve appointed Shan Shan Wong and Christian Laforte as interim co-CEOs while they continue to search for a permanent CEO.

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