Elon Musk drops OpenAI lawsuit

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Elon Musk is ending his legal battle against OpenAI just one day before a key court date.

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  • ⚖️ Elon Musk drops OpenAI lawsuit!

  • 🎥 China drops another Sora competitor!

  • 🗣️ Top 9 voice-based Generative AI assistants transforming interaction.

  • ✍️ How to use AI-powered Grammarly to do all of your editing.

  • 🤖 ChatGPT Prompt Of The Day: Create an Introduction that Hooks Readers.

⚖️ Elon Musk drops OpenAI lawsuit!

Elon Musk dragged OpenAI to court a few months back accusing them of breaching a contract and straying from its original mission to create AI for the good of humanity.

But he has now taken a surprising U-turn!

Just a day before a judge was set to review OpenAI’s request to dismiss the case, he withdrew the lawsuit with no explanation.

Maybe he finally realized that he had no case as the “Founding Agreement,” which he alleges was breached does not exist.🤷‍♀️

OpenAI says there is “no agreement at all” and Musk himself did not attach it as an exhibit.

Whatever the reason may be, just know that Musk can file the suit again whenever he chooses since it was dismissed without prejudice.

So, maybe OpenAI shouldn't relax just yet!

Especially since he just threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies if Apple integrates OpenAI’s tech into the iPhone and Mac.

In case you want to dive deeper, you can go ahead and click here.

 🎥 China drops another Sora competitor!

While we anxiously wait for OpenAI’s Sora's public release, China has been developing AI video generation tools that will rival it.

First, we were introduced to Vidu, and now, the latest sensation is "Kling"!

Kling can generate videos up to two minutes long in stunning 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.

This is twice as much as what OpenAI’s Sora would handle and a lot more than Pika and RunwayML, which can generate only a few seconds each.

But that’s not all!

It avoids common glitches like extra or impossibly bent limbs, thanks to its use of advanced 3D face and body reconstruction technology.

To top it all off, there are demo videos showing how Kling would render the scenes OpenAI demonstrated with Sora.

And yes, they were on par with Sora—even surpassing it in some generations.

Kling is currently available as a public demo in China through a waitlist, but a global release is on the horizon.

Exciting, right? Find more info here!

🧱 Around The AI Block

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  • Particle: AI-powered news that helps you understand more, faster.

  • Namify: Build a memorable brand with Namify’s AI-powered business name generator.

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